Summer in Fitzwilliam

Postcards from Fitzwilliam, August 1916

Dear Mary,
Lucy and I are here for a week's escape. Just 2 hours on the train from Boston! 10 degrees cooler when we got off at the Depot. Love Esther
Dear Mom,
Uncle Charlie was sure right about the Fitzwilliam Tavern. Nice clean rooms and fabulous "family table" meals. After hogging up to the trough last night we sat out on the upper piazza and watched the half moon rise over the hills. Love Essie.
P. S. Tell Uncle Charlie that Hannah, one of the kitchen girls, wants to know when he's coming back.
Dear Uncle Charlie,
Greetings from New Hampshire! This morning Mr. Blair, the Tavern Manager, drove us over in his Packard so we could climb Mount Monadnock We climbed the whole mountain right from the bottom of the Toll Road. I thought Lucy was going to give up when we had to climb over the rocks but when a couple of fresh college men offered to carry her up, she practically ran to the top. Love, Esther.
Dear Mom,
It rained today so we spent the afternoon in the library. I thought it was going to be all dusty tomes, but they actually had a copy of Willa Cather's Song of the Lark that I am devouring! Turns out those fresh college men are staying at the Tavern and are not as fresh as they seemed at first. Don't worry Mom, Lucy and I will chaperon each other! Love Essie
Dear Harry,
How would you like to drive one of these! We visited the quarry this afternoon and you would have loved it. Lots of noise and cranes picking up big blocks of stone. Hope you are behaving without your older sister to keep you out of trouble. Love Essie
Dear Mom,
Donald and Mark (those nice college boys) took us up in the belfry of the Town Hall this morning. The stairs were steep and narrow and D & M (real gentlemen) insisted on going up first and down last so nobody got even a peek at a bloomer! The view from the top was stupendous, farms and fields and Mount Monadnock in the distance. We'll be home on the early train Sunday (right after church). Tell Dad not to meet us; Donald is taking the same train and he said he would see us home on the Elevated as he wants to meet you! Love, Essie
Dear Mary,
I can't believe the week is over already! Yesterday Donald and Mark (our new college friends) rented a horse and wagon and took a bunch of us out here to Laurel Lake for a swim. Everyone had a swell time. We're heading home today. Let's get together for a real chat Tuesday night after choir practice! Love, Esther.