Springtime in Fitzwilliam

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March 21st brings spring in name only to Fitzwilliam. Early April usually brings a solid snowstorm or two and the land may stay locked under a blanket of snow until the middle of the month.
But the sun, now higher in the sky begins to do its work. The snow cover shrinks along the roadsides and the brooks roar day and night with the meltoff.
Then suddenly the woods are clear but for patches of white in the shelter of rocks. The only color in the woods is grays of the unleafed trees and the dull brown carpet of last autumn's leaves. But if you climb to the top of Little Monadnock, you can see on the distant slopes of Grand Monadnock and Gap Mountain just a hint of russet where the trees are budding out.
Then in a week or so, color comes to the woods and fields. The bushes show a blush of green; the daffodils break through the crust of leaves.
Another week and May fullfills its promise. The world breaks into a hundred shades of green, all of it rich and bright. The sun is high and warm; it may rain, but it is spring rain that only glistens the green of the new leaves. Winter and snow are only a memory; we look ahead to the warmth of June and the heat of summer.