Town Hall
Ten in the morning early in December. It went down to 4 above last night and the low winter sun has not done much to warm up the Town. John and I stand on the balcony just under the Town Hall bell and take a look around. It seemed like a good idea when we thought it up, but now we are not so sure. The wind comes whistling through the open belfry and I don't even want to know the wind chill factor. But the town is spread out below us and with the foliage gone, you can see every building sharp in the sunlight. John clears his throat and I get the message: get the photos and get out of here. So we do. Here is a gallery of what we saw from the top of Fitzwilliam.
From the steeple we look directly down at the Village Common and the houses to the East. At the middle right of the picture you can see the Civil War Memorial. The large white building at the middle is the Inn at Fitzwilliam. In front of it, partially hidden by trees, is the Amos J. Blake House, home of the Fitzwilliam Historical Society. To the right of the Inn, the road splits at the yellow house into Upper Troy Road (to the left) and Lower Troy Road (to the right) To the left of the picture in the background the ground rises to the top of the Pinnacle, the large hill to the Northwest of Fitzwilliam Center.
Looking Down on the Common

Looking West Down Richmond Rd.
Here is a view to the West where Richmond Road runs out of town past the former ski hill and on to the old Town Cemetary.This is a nice summer hike. Within minutes you are out in the woods with a few scattered houses along the way. In winter you can put your cross country skis on your shoulder and hike about a quarter of a mile to the old ski slope (The white patch in the top center of the picture.) where a rope tow once provided the ride to the top. This area now provides extensive cross country ski trails from easy to challenging.
From our perch in the belfry, we can see, just over the trees to the Northeast, the tops of Gap Mt. (to the left) and in the further distance Mt. Monadnock, glistening in its early snow cap. The houses seen through the trees in the middle distance are along Rt 119 as it heads downhill towards Rt. 12.
Gap Mt. and Monadnock

The Fitzwilliam Community Church
Looking down to the Southwest, we see the Fitzwilliam Community Church and to its right, Route 119 as he heads down to the Fitzwilliam Depot and then on to Richmond, the next town to the West. To the left of the Church, the Templeton Turnpike runs to the south, lined with beautiful old homes for the first quarter mile, before it too heads out into woods and fields.


Copyright © 2002, Frank Bequaert